Why become a member?

Why become a member?

Why become a member of Mistaken Identity Foundation (MI)? Besides joining the leading coalition in the fight for integrating social and emotional learning programs into school curriculum across all grade levels, you will be supporting programs that focus on children with incarcerated parents and disadvantaged youth bridge gaps and even the playing filed of life.  What a valuable benefit for your participation.


Be heard!

Through its Board of Directors, committees, and working groups, MI establishes annual advocacy priorities spanning an array of community development issues. Its members are integral to the research and discussion that goes into these decisions, as well as their implementation in connecting with city officials and the general public.

Stay informed!

MI’s main communication piece is its members-only monthly e-newsletter, Circumstantial Living. It highlights important work of the coalition, its specific members, upcoming MI and related events, Council sessions and hearings, and other announcements that are of interest to its members. MI members can also receive timely advocacy updates and news flashes via email.


Get connected!

MI members connect at bi-monthly meetings, special events featuring educational and professional experts, socially impacting individuals and city officials, and MI’s annual fundraising gala. (starting Spring 2019)


Get trained!

Have you ever attended an MI Social and Emotional learning course? Did you know that members receive discounts on our vocational courses, as well as some of our events, even one's we co-sponsor? With MI’s low dues structure, membership in MI can literally pay for itself in training discount.​​​​​