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Past mistakes are meant to guide a person, not define them.


Everyone has made a mistake at one time or another. Some are just more noticeable with greater consequences. Learning from them is what really matters and there are skills to help us all do just that, they are Life Skills.  These are abilities for adaptive and positive behavior that enables us to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life.  The term ‘Life Skills’ refers to the habits people need to make the most out of life.  Any positive habit that is useful can be considered a life skill. 


One skill that is rarely developed is Emotional Education/Intelligence.  It's the skill to overcome situations by understanding how a person’s emotions can directly affect their actions, health and employability, as well as how to use their current strengths to see and understand their choices. That is why we have created three (3) key components that guide our program.  Join us the first Monday of every month as we:


We Listen...
Social Services, Social Worker, Therapist

We intensely listen to our participants fears and challenges so we educate them on productive ways to overcome the historical, emotional and environmental afflictions they may have caused themselves or were passed down from generation to generation. 


We provide viable means of combating stereotypical issues such as ownership of personal actions, combative communication and more.  In short, we use real-time data to root out and combat real issues identified by both the participant and the instructor.


We Employ...
Auto Mechanic, Auto Repair, Certification, Class, Technical Training

We listened. We educated. Now what?  Mistaken Identity understands that in order for all the listening and educating to really mean something the participants need to feel and be a viable, contributing member of their community. 

That's why we make sure that everyone in our program has taken a skills assessment, is afforded job training opportunities and creates a resume. They will also take part in mock interviews as well as continuously work with a job placement coordinator until they are employed.

We Educate...
Adult Education, Education, Classes, Certificate, High School Diploma

We don't believe in tearing down self-esteem or hold mistakes over people's heads. The distinction is evident in our unique Workforce Education Workshops such as:

  • It's all about you

  • Determine what you really want/Set goals

  • Respecting yourself and others

  • The connection between emotion and behavior

  • Drop the drama, It's a matter of perspective

  • Re-entry is more than going home, is a process of acclamation 

  • .....and much more


The State of Re-entry Program