Sponsor a change and change a life.

Ame Management Group
Sponsor today.


  • Education and school supplies: you free a child to go to school and have hope for the future instead of work for food

  • Livelihoods: Through sponsorship, you help parents find new ways to support their families.

  • Essential vitamins, and more!

Sponsor a child: Give the gift of childhood and a future.


You can give a child living in a poor community the chance to be a kid. As a monthly sponsor, you’ll help a boy or girl beat the odds of following in the wrong footsteps, going to jail or getting hooked on drugs by providing access to social and emotional learning. Help us change a mindset and you will help us change a future.


Don't keep this great gift of hope a secret, tell your friends about Sponsorship.




  • A photo and important information about your sponsored child.

  • The opportunity to communicate with your child through letters and show how much you care!

  • Regular updates on your child’s well being as well as notes and/or drawings from your child.