Non-profit and Association Management

Non-profits and associations primarily run on volunteers. Why? because their money comes from grants, donations, and fundraising which means -  it's limited. So how are they suppose to handle their day-to-day operations? Well, that's where Mistaken Identity (MI) comes in. We have Project Managers, Fundraising Associates and Administrative Assistants with over 60 years of combined back-office and operations experience.  Allow us to perform those duties for you so you can focus on your mission.  


MI offers a full-service turnkey management for all operating disciplines (ranging from strategic planning, non-dues revenue programs, membership, marketing and policy development to legal and risk management) and daily operations (including staffing, office space, equipment, contracts, technologies and member services).  MI is ready with innovative solutions and thought-provoking questions to guide your organization while never losing sight of three main goals: growth, member satisfaction, and financial health.  At MI, our goal is not to just maintain but to work with elected leaders to lead, manage and build your organization.


Our services are based on attention to detail, prudent financial management, and a member-friendly staff. Our team of skilled associates will work with you to develop, initiate, execute and monitor your strategic planning process. This includes helping you to determine how to best allocate your resources to pursue your strategy. We will help you determine the right path for your organization and facilitate you through the process that best matches your needs.


Mistaken Identity can provide the following modified “Turn-key” services:

  • Headquarters infrastructure and support

    • Mailing address, separate phone line, receptionist, day-to-day operations management, operating budget management, third-party vendor management, federal compliance management, etc.

  • Strategic planning

    • Work with Founder & Executive Director to outline goals and objectives, a method to achieve them, identifying organizational strengths, weaknesses, and potential outside influences that may affect achieving your goals.

  • Annual operating and fundraising budgets to support goals and objectives

  • Board reporting (budget to actuals, agendas, minutes, special project status’, etc.)

  • Create and/or maintain bylaws, nonprofit and charity registrations, operations manuals for administration, leadership, finance, chamber development, etc. as stipulated by the governing rules of 501c3 Nonprofit organizations.

  • Board and Volunteer contract management

  • Membership management (database, welcome letters, renewals, etc.)

  • Donor Management (database, thank you letters, etc.)

  • Creative non-dues revenue programs

  • Assist Executive Director with grant proposal preparation, follow-up, and administration

  • Social media management

  • Hashtag creation and live tweeting during events

  • Monthly newsletter​