The Reliford T. "Buddy" Byrd Scholarship Program

The Reliford T. "Buddy" Byrd Scholarship Program is designed to encourage and support outstanding students who work hard and have a financial need.


Our definition of outstanding is different than most, which is how this scholarship program received its name. Reliford T. "Buddy" Byrd was the father of Mistaken Identity Foundation's CEO, Sheri M. Green.  He believed if you did your best, you did an outstanding job.  That is also how our scholarship differs from others. We accept applications from students who are generally "C" students but put everything they have into their studies and community service.

Our scholarships provide financial assistance of up to $1,000 to Maryland High School students who want to attend an accredited community college, 4-year university or a vocational institute. To apply you must meet the following requirements and submit the documents listed in the application process below to by March 15 or the current year.



  • A Maryland high school graduate at the end of the current school year or

  • A Maryland high school graduate within the past 3 years

  • Completed the minimum required 75 student-service learning hours (additional hours are a plus but not required)

  • Live in the state of Maryland during the school year you are applying

  • Commit to 960 hours or 6-months of volunteering with Mistaken Identity Foundation


Submission Requirements:

  • Submit one (1) High School Teacher Referral

  • Submit two (2) Community Leader Referral

  • Copy of official Student-service Learning Hours Form showing completed hours.

Healthy Eating, Exercise
  • Submit a 2,500-word article on you in 5 years detailing how you paid your scholarship forward within your social or local community. The class or program you wish to use the scholarship towards should be part of this article noting how it helped you achieve your goals.


All forms and referrals MUST be submitted in a sealed envelope with the school or organization's return address.  It can be mailed or hand-delivered the address below.  Please direct any questions to 240-825-4868.  Good luck! 


Mistaken Identity Foundation

Reliford T. "Buddy" Byrd Scholarship Committee 

970 Apollo Drive, Suite 100

Largo, Maryland 20774