Donate a Girl Scout Uniform Today.

Did you know that we don't charge our parents for enrolling their girls in our C.w.H.I.P. Girl Scout program?  This is a free program we designed especially for girls who have incarcerated parents.  It's our way of making sure they realize their circumstances do not define them, their actions and attitude do.  That is why we chose to partner with Girls Scouts of American. Now you have the opportunity to help us enroll as many girls as possible by donating the funds to purchase their uniforms.


Starter Kits are great for new and bridging Girl Scouts! Each Kit comes with the Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting, an Insignia Tab, the American Flag Patch, the World Trefoil Pin and the Membership Pin. Select your Official Uniform Item, Journey Book, Troop Numerals, Council Identification Set, and your choice of a free pink or black bag!

Donate today by clicking on the kit below that you want to purchase and we will send you a personalized thank you letter and picture from you sponsored scout!