Course and Program Descriptions

Below are the course descriptions and fees for the programs we offer. Any course labeled as Industry certified program will prepare you for the certification exam associated with that specific field. Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions.

Application in Accounting Sage 50 Certificate - $975

Are you someone who likes to make decisions and finish your work on your own? The Computer Certificate Online Program will teach you how to execute accounting task using the Sage 50 accounting experience not required. So sign up today and improve your career as an accounting specialist. 


Automotive Repair Technician - $1,675

Get started on your path to becoming an auto repair technician in as little as six months. Learn how to become an auto mechanic and gain knowledge and skills relevant to working in settings like established repair shops, car dealerships, or even your own garage. The Program, developed by ASE Master Technicians and leading experts in the field of automotive technology, will teach you relevant skills and subject matter. 


Bookkeeping - $1,250

A bookkeeping job is for someone with a very precise and focused eye on detail. During this course, you will learn how to prepare financial reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing account information and trends. You’ll even learn to enjoy critical thinking while solving problems at your own pace at an affordable price.


Child Development - $1250 (Industry certified program) 

In this program, students learn a well-balanced view of a child’s developmental process, as well as information on the importance of health, safety, and nutrition. Topics include child psychology and relevant trends and health and care standards in the development of young children. You will even learn the fundamentals of early childhood education, child growth and development, and health, safety, and nutrition for young children.


Computer Support Technician - $1,675

Create new career possibilities working as part of a computer tech support team. You can put your technical skills to work and receive training on how to work in your own business or for a company in the computer support profession. Courses in this program cover everything from PC repair and troubleshooting to network protocols.


Deisel Mechanic - $,1675

This program can be beneficial to you even if you have little or no experience in the Diesel Industry. You will learn how to work on engine operations and computerized management systems for trucks and other diesel vehicles. With interactive 3D modules, this can be an online experience like no other.


Dental Assistant - $1,675 (Industry certified program)

Learn valuable dental assisting skills as you prepare to seek a career in the dental field. Dental assistants are a vital part of a dental team, and our Dental Assistant Training program can help you take the first step to get there. Our course can help you prepare to manage office operations, understand dental health terminology and procedures, schedule appointments, and update patient records. You can complete your education in as little as four months. The program includes dental assistant exam review text that helps you prepare to become a registered dental assistant by sitting for the Dental Assisting National Board (DANB) National Entry Level Dental Assistant (NELDA) exam.


Electronic Medical Records - $975 (Industry certified program)

If you’re looking got a new career or to enhance your skills, consider Electronic Medical Records. This is a growing field where you can learn how to help organize a medical office in as little as 3 months.


Electrician - $1,675

You can learn to install and repair home electrical systems in electrician courses that cover topics like conductors, multimeters, circuit analysis, transformers, and much more. This program complies with the latest version of the National Electrical Code,® and includes student discounts from Snap-on. This in-demand field is expected to grow by 20% between now and 2022, faster than the average for all occupations.


Entrepreneurship/Small Business Management - $975

In as little as three months, the Small Business Management career diploma program will teach you how to market your products or service, find the right sources to finance your business and write an effective business plan. Small business managers are able to independently run a business, with responsibilities that include market research, financing and budgets, and maintaining business records. 


Forensic Computer Examiner - $1,250

Training at a pace just for you! In as little as 10 months you can learn skills to perform high-tech investigations, recognize digital evidence and how to report your findings. This program covers topics on how to detect security privacy information, criminal threats, cybercrime, and hackers. Finding the missing piece can be challenging but rewarding.


Home Health Aide - $1,250 (Industry certified program)

Take the first steps towards a rewarding career of helping others with the Home Health Aide program. The home health care training can teach you the knowledge and skills to help you on your journey - whether it’s working for a certified home attendant or hospice agency, private home, or in a community setting. Our Home Health Aide program aligns to and exceeds the minimum Federal requirements for Home Health Aide training, including a required externship which allows students to gain supervised practical experience in the Home Health Care field.


Hotel/Resturant Management - $1,250

The Hotel/Restaurant Management Career Diploma Program can help you get started on the path to running a hotel or restaurant and you can complete this program in as little as four months. You will learn the various aspects of the hospitality industry, from front office duties, housekeeping, and maintenance, to marketing and selling hospitality services. By the time you finish the program, you will have also learned about methods of food preparation, as well as service, storage, and menu planning.


Human Resource Management Certificate - $1,675

The program will cover topics on how to professionally hire, train, retain, and manage the type of employees that will help businesses succeed. And you can complete this program in as little as five months! If you are considering a degree in human resources, course credits from this program can be transferred into the Undergraduate Certificate in Human Resources or Human Resources Management Associate Degree.  This program will also teach you about Managerial decision making, Labor relations, Compensation management and Employee benefits.


HVAC Technician - $1,675

You can begin to pursue a career as an HVAC technician in as little as five months. Our HVAC classes can help you pursue your HVAC/R Technician career diploma, teaching you to inspect, repair, and maintain heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems for homes and businesses. This program is designed to help you prepare for HVAC certification at a pace that’s right for you.


ICD-10 Coding Certificate - $1,675 (Industry certified program)

Transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10 with our regionally and nationally accredited ICD-10 Training certificate program. Train with helpful online simulations, virtual labs, videos, and 3D representations designed to help you succeed in this program.  This program focuses solely on teaching skills needed to process ICD-10 codes. Students should already have the skills of a coder, including familiarity with how the medical billing and coding industry works, medical terminology, body systems, pharmacology, and pathology. This program is not designed for those who have never completed ICD-9 medical coding training. (See Medical Coding program for ICD-9 training)


Medical Administrative Assistant - $1,250 (Industry certified program)

You can finish the Medical Administrative Assistant online training program in as little as seven months. The healthcare industry is booming and medical administrative assistant and secretary jobs are expected to increase as much as 36% over the next several years!¹ You’ll learn from our dedicated faculty members with real-world experience. Our program can provide training to help you read and understand medical terminology, manage and update patient records, and perform basic office procedures—all at a pace that's right for you.

Our Medical Administrative Assistant program can help you prepare for the National Healthcareer Association² CMAA (Medical Administrative Assistant Certification) and CEHRS (Electronic Health Records Specialist Certification) exams. 


Medical Coding and Billing - $1,250 (Industry certified program)

You can take the first steps towards joining one of the fastest-growing career fields and working in a key role in the healthcare field. With our Medical Billing and Coding online program, you can earn your career diploma in as little as ten months.  This program is regionally and nationally accredited and is designed to help you prepare to sit for the AAPC Certified Professional Coder (CPC) exam. Our online medical coding courses offer engaging and well-structured lessons to provide you with the highest quality medical coding training possible at an affordable price.


Medical Transcriptionist - $1,250 (Industry certified program)

Learn how to become a medical transcriptionist with classes on the foundational skills necessary to become an integral part of the growing healthcare job market. With this transcriptionist program, you can develop skills using online simulations and learn about speech recognition software and its impact on the medical transcription industry. In addition to transcribing, you will learn how to edit information for grammatical errors and the correct usage of medical terms so you can work in a physician's office, clinic, government agency, law office, insurance company, hospital, or ambulance dispatch service.


The Peachtree® Computer Applications - $975

The Peachtree® Computer Applications in Accounting Certificate Online Program will teach you how to execute accounting tasks using the Peachtree® accounting software. The program will take you step-by-step through the widely-used accounting software, Peachtree®. This program is designed for students who have previous academic or work-related experience in accounting. Completion of the program will increase your aptitude in the field of accounting, and help you take the next step towards your career goals.


Pharmacy Technician - $1,250 (Industry certified program)

The Pharmacy Technician courses are designed to help you prepare for the PTCE and ExCPT certification exams. Learn from expert faculty, and gain valuable, hands-on experience through our partnerships with CVS/pharmacy and Walgreens Pharmacy.  Students will learn professional characteristics of pharmacy technicians, tasks performed by pharmacy technicians, an overview of pharmacy law, and the proper use of drug information resources. Students will also learn the technical procedures for preparing and dispensing drugs in the hospital and retail settings under the supervision of a registered pharmacist.


Physical Therapist Aide - $1,250

Physical therapist aides work under the supervision of a physical therapist to help patients regain movement and manage pain as they recover from injuries or illnesses. In as little as a month you can learn how to fulfill a variety of duties from preparing the treatment area to moving patients.  You will also learn how to perform clerical duties, medical terminology, knowledge of common physical dysfunctions and disorders, treatment techniques such as deep heating treatments and cryotherapy, and common therapeutic exercises for strength and mobility, as well as communicating effectively with patients, the rehabilitative team, and other personnel.


Plumber - $1,675

Are you the person everyone in your family calls to fix clogged pipes, or have you always an interest in plumbing? Well, this course may be for you.  Plumbing jobs are expected to increase 21% in the coming years. Plumbers can be found working for a plumbing contractor, power plant, or water treatment center installing, repairing, and maintaining plumbing systems, or owning their own business.  In as little as 4 months, you can become a professional plumber.


Property Management - $975

You can learn more about forming good tenant relations, fair housing regulations, building maintenance, and managing properties such as single-family homes, commercial real estate, multifamily communities, and community associations in as little as five months.  You will also learn about Tenant relations, Financial accounting and property valuations, Real estate law and Risk management and fair housing.


Security Guard - $975

The Security Guard program consists of eight courses to help you gain the knowledge and skills relevant for performing security service jobs in a variety of settings - including stores, office buildings, hotels, universities, casinos, stadiums, and more.


Teacher's Aide - $975 (Industry certified program) 

You can complete your Teacher's Aide training program in as little as three months. In this training courses, you can take the first steps toward filling a valuable role in the field of education, assisting students with assignments, organizing the classroom, taking attendance, administering exams, and fulfilling the other duties of a teacher’s aide. 


Veterinary Assistant - $1,675 (Industry certified program)

If you love working with animals, take the first step towards your new career and learn to become a veterinarian assistant with the NAVTA-approved Veterinary Assistant program. Our program allows you to complete your education in as little as seven months.  You'll learn the skills and get the hands-on veterinary assistant training you need to tend to the needs of animals. Our students may be able to secure their externship site at a veterinary practice near them, or through our partnership with one of the largest veterinary hospitals in the country, VCA Animal Hospitals.


Web Page Designer - $1,675

Realize your creative potential as a Web Page Designer in as little as 6 months. You will learn how to design eye-catching web pages for yourself and for others using Adobe® Dreamweaver® software, which is included with your program. You’ll also learn about Internet security, how to set up an Internet business, Internet programming, and how to get your web pages onto web servers.