Here, at The Mistaken Identity Foundation, we believe in teaching and providing opportunities for young adults to enhance emotional and social knowledge, their interests, skills, and abilities.  We don't believe in tearing down their self-esteem or hold mistakes over their heads. The distinction is evident in our unique Workforce Education Workshops that are developed specifically with the urban community in mind such as:

Maryland Urban Education and Barrier Assessments
Emotional Intelligence
  • Understanding the connection between emotions, behavior and health -  How they can affect you in the workplace

  • Learn how to accept the things you cannot change, successfully change the things you can and do it all without attitude or drama

  • Body language - Mastering non-verbal communication

  • Mirror, Mirror (When you look at others see yourself)

  • Urban legends - The true meaning behind some urban behaviors

Mentoring Urban Youth
Millennials and the Workplace

Workplace etiquette

  • Social media - what impression are you making?

  • Smartphones, text and one-sided conversations

  • What happens at home, stays at home

  • Respecting yourself and others

  • If you can wear it at the club, don't wear it to work

Job skills assessments

  • Resume writing and mock interviews

  • Time Management

  • Paycheck Management

Mental Health Counseling

Create change and set personal goals that will enhance your daily life.  Work with Counselors individually and in groups to implement therapeutic goals and objective driven plans that address issues, barriers, and challenges such as:

  • Social injustice

  • Trauma, Depression, Anxiety, Stress

  • Coping with strife at home

  • Unanticipated life events

  • Interpersonal discord

  • Worksite disruption, Career issues

Healthy Eating, Exercise
Get in Control

There are many things in life we simply have to deal with such as anxiety, unanticipated life events, problems at home, social injustice and worksite conflicts, but how we handle them can be life changing.  Learn ways to adapt and gain control of your mind and body through:

  • Exercise

  • Mediation

  • Yoga

  • Healthy Eating

  • Physical Hygiene (Importance of going to the doctors and dentist regularly)

Mentoring Urban Youth
I've Got You Program

Knowing someone is not only there for you but understands where you’re coming from and can relate to your situation is a powerful connector. The “I’ve Got You” program pairs young adults with positive role models that have experienced a similar path in life and prevailed.


Having someone in your life who can show you how to take positive steps towards or constructive steps away from something can make the difference between joining a gang, being a repeat offender or becoming an individual with new perspective on life.

Community Outreach
Community Outreach & Advocacy

Connecting directly with those whom we wish to support is key.  That’s why we have taken a grassroots approach to obtaining our data relating to challenges facing urban communities and workforce education.  We directly interact with thousands of people each year by knocking on doors, attending community activities and other assemblies.


The data and information gathered is then taken to the Community Leaders, local representatives, etc. to make sure the urban community is heard in a constructive and collaborative manner helping to promote the needs and funding necessary to increase life skills and reduce unemployment.

Maryland Social Services
Information, Education & Referrals

We proactively create and manage relationships with mental health practitioners, educational programs, judicial advocates, community organizations, food banks, state and local services, etc. 


This enables us to provide direction and instruction on navigating through systems available for the betterment of individuals and the community as a whole.