The "M.I. Community Tree of Life" consists of two main branches:


Branch #1 - Advocacy

Lobby to raise awareness and funding for social and emotional learning programs for children with incarcerated parents and school districts in low-income communities. The programs would become a part of the state's curriculum in elementary, middle and high schools. 


Branch #2 - Community Activities and Training

Provide free outreach training focusing on emotional and social learning, workforce development and leadership at local libraries and community centers in TNI areas as well as national community colleges and other locations. Programs include but are not limited to:


  • MI Awakening - Emotional and social education that enables the restructuring of one's foundation in life, so they can change their mindsets, translate frustrations and turn fears into more productive lifestyles

  • Legitimize your hustle (LYH) Entrepreneurial Workshop: Turn a hobby into a job and a job into a business

  • Using life experiences to build the best resume

  • Girl Scout Troop - Daisy and Brownies

  • MI Legacy Step Troop (age 7 - 18)

TNI or Transforming Neighborhood Initiative was established in April 2012 by Prince George's County Executive Rushern L. Baker, III. This initiative focuses on uplifting neighborhoods in the county that face significant economic, health, public safety and educational challenges.  The goal of the initiative is to achieve the County Executive’s Vision of a Thriving Economy, Great Schools, Safe Neighborhoods and High-Quality Healthcare by targeting cross-governmental resources to neighborhoods that have significant needs. 


The Transforming Neighborhoods Initiative was designed on the premise of using data to drive decision making. To assist TNI teams with making decisions that positively impact their communities, key community indicators have been selected. This is a direct alignment with Mistaken Identity's Value Statement.